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MT Digital Media - Connecting Smart TV viewers

We are working with most of the leading manufacturers of Smart TVs and other Smart TV devices (Blu-ray players, Set Top Boxes), as well as content owners, publishers and aggregators that open new revenue streams around the world.


Content Publishers; If you are:

  • A studio or producer
  • An aggregator or distributor of free or premium video content
  • A video-centric consumer brand
  • A consumer brand looking to engage with a new audience via a new channel

You can be live on most Smart TVs in a few weeks, offering a new user experience for your followers, increasing exposure to your content and develop new sources of revenue.

Come on board with one of our existing live apps or build your own app based on our platform and tools
Bring your content to the mass market of TV, creating global reach on the main entertainment screen in the home. Intelligent content discovery features such as textual search across all content providers and community and contextual recommendations ensure maximum exposure for your content.

Our platform is compatible with the widest range of smart TV technologies as well as widget and app environments, all achieved via a simple integration process.

Why partner with us

  • Gain new distribution channels on millions of Smart TV devices around the world
  • Monetise your content through premium content payments and advertising
  • Distribution to multiple devices and operators with low-cost integration
  • Maximise content reach via powerful content discovery options
  • Retain your branding and customize the user experience


Device Manufacturers or TV Operators; if you are

  • A TV, set top box, Blu-ray player or media player supplier or distributor
  • A Pay TV operator, an IPTV operator, an ISP
  • A provider of Smart TV portal

Enrich your experience with a unique video content aggregation app designed for smart TVs.

  • Be a part of the evolution of TV
  • Getting our apps on board is easy and fast
  • Our apps are compatible with most Smart TV platforms
  • Integration can be a matter of days

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