About MT Digital Media - Making Smart TVs Smarter

MT Digital Media - Connecting Smart TV viewers

MT Digital Media enables converged broadcast and broadband entertainment on the TV via a Smart TV Services Platform.

Our platform provides a seamless experience across all content providers and empowers the viewer with global search, recommendations, micropayments facility, access to online communites, and personalisation functions.

The Smart TV Services platform can be customised and white-labelled by content publishers, TV manufacturers and operators.

Our platform enables video content publishers to easily add their content via simple metadata feeds, making it the most efficient route to TV audiences, as it doesn’t require building device-specific TV Applications.

What we do:

  • Device Manufacturers - we offer an appealing consumer experience and a wide range of content through several existing apps
  • Content Publishers - we offer the chance to distribute and monetise your content through delivery to the TV
  • Pay TV Operators – we offer your customers an enhanced, Smart TV experience with internet-delivered video content via our platform.

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